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Cellulitis eye picture

Orbital Cellulitis most often presents with symptoms similar to preseptal cellulits such as red and swollen eyelids, but also includes pain, blurred or double vision, fever, headache, and a red eye. The examining physician may find proptosis (forward displacement of the eye), an abnormal pupil reaction, restricted movement of the eye, and swelling of the optic nerve. A CT scan confirms the diagnosis and may further be necessary to rule-out a foreign body in the orbit (eye socket). 

Cellulitis eye




Cellulitis eye

Preseptal Cellulitis is an infectious condition of the eyelids which typically presents with tender and red eyelids, unilateral or bilateral, and perhaps a mild fever. In severe cases, the eyelids may be so tensely swollen that the eye may not open. There is no pain with eye movement, however. 




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